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We preserve your document or book material, for different periods of time based on your specific requirement, throughout our rental service that provides the deployment of containers for the filling and appropriate conservation of heritage, waiting to be relocated


In addition to archives, ARKEVO is able to protect entire buildings with sophisticated alarm and video surveillance systems for interiors and exteriors and to control access with robust and reliable access control systems such as tripods, turnstiles, glass gates.


The management software guarantees the user a series of benefits, useful for improving the quality of an archival intervention from time to time: better organization of work, reduction of the time dedicated to the various activities, saving in management costs of the preserved material.


Our staff is specialized in dusting and transfer services of archival and book documents, incunabula, parchments, folders and any other type of artifact or paper work, both ancient and modern.


You can count on us for any type of consultancy. Are you undecided? Don't know which solution might be right for you? We are here to help you.


We ensure that each of our products is installed following safety standards, quickly and all over the world.


Correct maintenance of our products allows you to best optimize the investment made over the years.

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closure control

The CLO-SURE automatic closing system allows the compactable shelving to be closed in complete safety.

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